Portoflio Content

Three pieces of work that I included in my portfolio: Newsweek Magazine, Nescafe Ads, and my Job Interview Booklet.

The news week magazine was done in groups of two. Michelle Rawlings, my partner, and I chose Newsweek magazine. The cover of the magazine is an iPhone sine the main story in the magazine talks about a phenomenon about America’s economy and how the economy has ‘Killer apps’.
The colours of the magazine needed to be calming and the layout needed to be simple and organized. The target audience of Newsweek magazine is from 25-55 so it needed to be toned down a little.
The next major project I included expresses what I like to do. They are characters for an ad for coffee. This project was perfect for me as it included to of my favourite things: Coffee & Drawing. We had to pick a product that we wanted to sell and since I’m an avid coffee drinker the choice was obvious for me.
The characters represent different age groups as coffee is a world wide drink and doesn’t have a specific target audience. These ads are bus shelter ads. All the ads differ from each other to show that everyone has a different expression and reaction to their own cup of joe.
I decided to make them exaggerated and humorous as both of those elements are memorable and effective. The whole concept of my ads is “This coffee will blow your mind.” That’s why every character has something erupting from their heads. I find that humour is one of the most effective ways to sell something. When I see an ad I often ignore it, unless it makes me laugh, because then I go around telling people about something funny I saw.
The coffee cup is the only other focal point besides the exploding heads, as I want to emphasize Nescafe. I kept the cup red in every ad for a sense of unity.
A more simple and organized assignment I did was for my Job Readiness class where we needed to create a job strategy booklet in order to prepare for future interviews. I kept the entire theme of the assignment simple. Since the book talks about how I will be preparing, and also talks about the company, I kept the cover neutral.
The company I designed for was eeDesign in Richmond Hill. I kept the layout simple and effective making it easy to read and made sure it didn’t look like a wall of words on every page. Since there we’re a lot of pages I didn’t put too much info on one page and I included some images.
ee spread 1 ee spread 2

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