Website Mock Up

For this assignment, our professor had us pick poorly designed website so we could remake them in a more professional way. I chose the website

I wanted to keep the same colour theme but I wanted to tone it down.

I didn’t like the images used in the original website as they don’t all relate. I think one image is more effective than images that are awkwardly scattered.

I used some blue and actually changed the woman’s glasses frame from purple to blue to make it compliment better. The red in the headings under the picture echo the logo. The orange is used throughout the layout.

Finally, I added some of the features from the original site to the redo version (like the handicapped notice). I also added a faded picture in the background which I’m a little fishy about so I don’t know if that will be permanent. This is my mock up so far and I’ll be getting feedback soon, so look forward to some changes.


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